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32 Fall 2015 Updates to Your LBD ...

By Jennifer

If you haven't restyle or updated your LBD in a while, sweetie, it's time! Here's a little streetstyle LBD inspo to give you a few ideas... let's hit it!

1 Her Gold Belt

clothing,dress,little black dress,cocktail dress,fashion,Source: Women's fashion Cut out little

2 Her Wooly LBD with a Biker Leather

clothing,denim,jacket,leather,footwear,Source: 25 Ways to Wear Black

3 Her Neutral Parka

clothing,runway,fashion,winter,spring,Source: How to Look Military Chic

4 Taylor's All-Black Ensemble

black,clothing,footwear,leather,fashion,Source: Cloudy Skies from Taylor Swift's

5 Her Strappy Back

clothing,hairstyle,muscle,fashion,supermodel,Source: outside Saint Laurent, 18 images

6 Her Heels

clothing,road,footwear,street,fashion,Source: DB Style Step into your

7 Candice's Denim Jacket & Ankle Boots

clothing,fashion,fashion show,footwear,spring,Source: Candice Swanepoel’s Best Model-Off-Duty Moments

8 Natalie's Metallic Oxfords

bicycle,vehicle,cycling,street,fashion,Source: All the Best Street Style

9 Her Statement Sandals

black,clothing,footwear,dress,little black dress,Source: Outfit Inspiration: Simple With A

10 Her Legs! OMG!

black,clothing,dress,little black dress,fashion,Source: LoLoBu - Women look, Fashion

11 Her Dog! and Bag...


12 Her Belt & Tights

clothing,sleeve,leather,dress,outerwear,Source: Yvonne Pintuck Dress

13 Her Whole Outfit!

black,clothing,dress,fashion,footwear,Source: 5 Lovely Trends from the

14 Her Chucks & Sunnies

clothing,footwear,dress,spring,fashion,Source: The Best Ways to Wear

15 Her Studded Sandals

clothing,footwear,fashion,dress,spring,Source: L'extravagance

16 Her Bag & Shoes!

clothing,footwear,dress,fashion,spring,Source: Office Outfits For A Heat

17 Her British Secret Agent Style (& Gloves)

clothing,black,dress,little black dress,fashion,Source: Little black dress Make Life

18 Her Gold Brooch

clothing,black,fashion,dress,little black dress,Source: Girl on the Street: NYFW

19 Her Strappy Sandals

clothing,dress,little black dress,sleeve,spring,Source:

20 Christine's Shoes & Bag


21 Her Understated Style

human positions,sitting,person,woman,lady,Source: A CUP OF JO: Three

22 Her Flats, Crown and Puppy!

clothing,dress,dog walking,fashion,outerwear,Source:

23 Her Bag & Boots

clothing,dress,footwear,outerwear,fashion,Source: Outfits for Saint Valentine Dates

24 Her Outfit

clothing,yellow,footwear,outerwear,spring,Source: Girl on the Street: NYFW

25 25. Her Parisienne Chic

black,white,dress,clothing,woman,Source: 39 Fabulous French Street Style Looks ... @Lyndsie

26 Her Biker Babe Look


27 Her Trainers!

clothing,footwear,lady,dress,jogging,Source: Sincerely Jules Page 4

28 Hedvig's White Sneakers

black,clothing,footwear,winter,dress,Source: NYFW Street Style Day 6

29 Her Textured Dress & Leather Jacket

clothing,sleeve,jacket,outerwear,dress,Source: Nordstrom

30 Her Tulle Dress & Casual Finishes

clothing,jacket,outerwear,coat,leather,Source: MAFFASHION

31 Her Very Flat Flats


32 Her Gloves, Boots & Bag

black,clothing,footwear,dress,little black dress,Source:

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