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When you think of summer style, you don’t necessarily think of a sweater dress. Just the thought probably makes you break out into a sweat! However, whether you’re not ready to say goodbye to your favorite sweater dress for the summer or you just want a way to use your favorite winter pieces in the summer, this list is sure to give you plenty of ideas for the best streetstyle ideas to wear sweater dresses, even on the hottest days of the summer!

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Convert a Sweater

Convert a Sweater Take one of your favorite oversized sweaters from the winter and turn it into a dress this summer. Most people think that oversized sweaters must be saved exclusively for when you want to get cozy during the fall and winter, but that’s not the case! You can easily make your oversized sweater work in the summer if it’s long enough! If it’s long enough, wear it as a sweater dress during the summer!


Add a Leather Jacket

Add a Leather Jacket You could take the simplest sweater dress you own and love to wear during the fall months and turn it into the chicest summer look simply by adding a leather jacket. It adds a rougher touch to a simple outfit, especially when paired with aviators and beach-tousled hair!


Make It Chic with Accessories

Make It Chic with Accessories Not only is this sweater dress simple and cute, but the accessories instantly dress up the look. Pair a sweater dress with heels, a big bag and an easy topknot, and you have such a cute outfit in almost no time at all. This looks like something you’d walk the runway in, not wear on a Starbucks run, but it could so easily be worn for both!


Go for a Mod Twist

Go for a Mod Twist There are so many different things about this dress that I’m obsessed with. First of all, the pattern on this dress is so retro and fun, and even more than that, the shape of the dress reminds me of something you’d see in the '60s and '70s. The hat and heels instantly update it, though, for a look that will get you hundreds of compliments.


Try the Minimalist Trend

Try the Minimalist Trend The minimalist trend is easily one of the biggest trends of the summer, if not the past year, and if you haven’t jumped on this trend bandwagon yet, this is definitely the outfit to try it with. Wear a simple sweater dress with very little accessories. Leave your hair in its natural state and pair the dress with a simple pair of sandals. It’s such an easy but chic look!


Rocker Chic

Rocker Chic I love this black on black on black (and even more black) look, especially for the summer, when color is so popular. Step away from the trends with a black sweater dress, black leather jacket, and black accessories for a rocker look that is absolutely sure to turn heads.


Be Casual

Be Casual Just because you’re wearing a dress doesn’t mean that it needs to be over the top elegant. This dress is a perfect example of that. This is a look that you could easily wear to run errands, but you still look like you put time into the look. It’s casual but put-together!

What are your favorite looks from this list? Will you wear a sweater dress in the summer? Let me know in the comments!

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Maybe in the fall but summer no way!! I'll die of heat exhaustion 😕

I think that sweater dress in the summer is gona make you sweat and stink and it's not good

Sweatet in summer no way! Thanx

Very cute & comfy outfit ideas tho....

Ya why do we take a hot sweater dress, and add a LEATHER JACKET?!!? That's summery.

Sweaters in the summer in Atlanta, GA.....not a good's too damn hot

It's too hot to wear any of these though!!

Goodness no...leave it for the winter.end of.

As much as I love my sweater dresses, they are certainly not for the summer months!!

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