7 Street Style Ways to Wear Mid Calf Boots ...


Fall is the best time to break out your favorite boots. That's why Her Interest has decided to teach us how to wear mid-calf boots while looking beautiful. Try pairing them with one of these types of outfits:

1. With Skinny Jeans

With Skinny Jeans

When you wear boots with skinny jeans, all of the attention will be on your shoes.

2. With Boyfriend Jeans

With Boyfriend Jeans

You can spice up a casual look by throwing a sexy pair of boots into the mix.

3. With a Short Dress

With a Short Dress

Just because the weather is getting cold doesn't mean you can't wear a dress.

4. With Maxi Skirt

With Maxi Skirt

You won't be able to see the entire shoe, but at least you'll stay warm!

5. With Leggings

With Leggings

We all love our leggings, and we all love our boots, so this makes for a fashionable combination.

6. With a Mini Skirt

With a Mini Skirt

If you can handle the cold, bundle up on your top half and leave the bottom half pretty much bare.

7. With over the Knee Socks

With over the Knee Socks

If you want to wear shorts in the cold weather, you can! Just make sure you have some knee high socks to go with the outfit.

Which one of these styles is your favorite?