13 Street Style Ways to Wear the Midi Skirt ...

There are plenty of different ways to wear the midi skirt this season. The midi skirt is really having a moment and it is perfect for pulling off this season’s demure ladylike trends. Wear them with crisp collars and pumps for a polished look or work a more playful angle by teaming them with cropped tops. Check out these stylish ways to wear the midi skirt, as seen on the streets.

1. Full Midi Skirt

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When it comes to ways to wear the midi skirt, fuller styles can be trickier to pull off. This outfit snapped by Amar Daved is a great example of how to add a street edge to what would otherwise be a very ladylike outfit. The full white skirt teamed with a grey tank top and distressed denim vest is one that you could easily take inspiration from.

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