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7 Street Style Ways to Look Business Chic ...

By Vanessa

There are so many fantastic street style ways to look business chic.You'd be amazed at just how easy it is to dress up your outfit! A few 'business chic' must-haves for your closet include blazers, pencil skirts, and some high-waisted trousers. Those items can create some awesome outfits. Check out of the ways to look business chic and then let me know how YOU like to dress up for work!

1 Suit

I don't know about you, but I think women suits are so fab. If my work environment called for this type of attire, I'd love it! You can choose between a classic (black & white) suit or, if you're feeling expressive, there are so many vibrant colors that you can wear. I'd go with a vibrant color just because I love to make a fashion statement! What color would you go for? This is just one of many street style ways to look business chic.

2 Colors + Patterns

The summertime is all about pastel colors! They're light and breezy and can be paired with tons of different patterns. I love the idea of pairing some high-waisted pastel trousers with a striped blouse. The pattern gives your outfit the extra flare that it needs while still keeping the outfit classy and sophisticated.


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3 Chambray + Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are a must-have for your closet! You can pair anything with them. Whether it be a blouse, or a chambray button-up, there are so many ways that you can dress up your outfit. You can find some skirts at H&M! If you want to 'edge' up your look a bit, add some leather (this could either be your purse or even a leather jacket over your shoulders!).

4 All-white Ensemble

There's something so sleek and sophisticated about wearing all-white. You might have to be EXTRA careful throughout the day so you don't ruin it with any stains, but all that extra cautiousness would pay off. To recreate the look, try a white pencil skirt paired with a white blouse. If you want to incorporate some colors, try a vibrant-colored clutch!

5 Casual Yet Chic

Looking chic doesn't mean you can't wear jeans! Try some skinny jeans paired with a form-fitting blouse. Throw on a tailored blazer and you're good to go! For the hair, I'd go with a top knot bun. Nothing says 'business chic' like that bun!

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6 Black + White

Black and white are such classic colors that you can never go wrong with them. You can mix and match all different sorts of items. You can try a white blouse + black trousers (or vice versa) or a white blouse + black pencil skirt, etc. The possibilities are endless!

7 Dress + Blazer

Even though pant suits are incredibly stylish, nothing's wrong with rocking a dress at the office. To recreate the look, wear a black dress (at a reasonable length, of course) and pair it with some black stockings (that'll keep you from looking/feeling 'too' exposed) and some black heels. To add a splash of color to the outfit, throw on a blazer over it. You can find tons of patterned blazers at Forever 21 for an affordable price!

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of MANY awesome street style ways to look business chic. The right pair of heels or a form-fitting blazer can instantly 'chic' up your outfit. Of the list, which look was your favorite? Which look will you be recreating this summer at the office?

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