7 Fabulous Street Style Ways to Wear Overalls ...

With their rise in popularity, we’ve been spotting a whole lot of different ways to wear overalls lately. No longer a throwback to the 1990s and tomboy fashion, these days overalls seem to be at the forefront of fashion trends. There are plenty of different ways to pull off this look, if the number of ladies we’ve spied on the street donning this trend are anything to go by. Take a look at a few different ways to wear overalls, below.

1. Dressed up

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When looking at ways to wear overalls, a common choice is to stick to a fairly casual look. However, they can be dressed up to create a much more polished appearance. We spotted this lady on the Topshop Tumblr teaming her denim overalls with a statement red coat. She also wore a buttoned up blouse, metal-capped shoes, and a luxe looking knit beanie. A compact clutch and bright red lip completed the outfit.

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