7 Street Style Outfits with Denim Shorts to Recreate ...

There are so many outfits with denim shorts that would be perfect to recreate this spring and summer! Denim shorts are a must-have in every girls closet. I mean, they go great with pretty much anything. They are definitely my go-to when the weather is nice. Check out some of the awesome outfits with denim shorts, then let me know how you like to style yours!

1. Rocker Chic

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This look is super casual, yet earns you major style points. Rock your favorite graphic tee and pair it with your denim cut-offs. For an "edgy" vibe, don't forget to wear your combat boots. I'm also loving the flannel tied around the waist, it's definitely a hot trend at the moment. This is just one of the cool outfits with denim shorts.

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