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7 Street Style Outfits with Denim Shorts to Recreate ...

By Vanessa

There are so many outfits with denim shorts that would be perfect to recreate this spring and summer! Denim shorts are a must-have in every girls closet. I mean, they go great with pretty much anything. They are definitely my go-to when the weather is nice. Check out some of the awesome outfits with denim shorts, then let me know how you like to style yours!

1 Rocker Chic

Rocker ChicThis look is super casual, yet earns you major style points. Rock your favorite graphic tee and pair it with your denim cut-offs. For an "edgy" vibe, don't forget to wear your combat boots. I'm also loving the flannel tied around the waist, it's definitely a hot trend at the moment. This is just one of the cool outfits with denim shorts.

2 Stockings underneath

Stockings underneathI really love this look. If you think your shorts are a little too short, wear stockings underneath. That way you won't feel too "exposed". Rock some fishnet stockings or a fun pattern. For shoes, I think combat boots are the way to go. This is definitely a look I'll be recreating this spring.


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3 Denim on Denim

Denim on DenimWho knew denim on denim looked so good? I'm obsessed. I love the simplicity of the outfit. The shoes and the clutch serve as the outfit's pop of color and it looks great. This is definitely a cute outfit for meeting up with your girlfriends in the city.

4 Pop of Color

Pop of ColorI'm a huge fan of a good all-black ensemble, but I'm loving this pop of color with the colored denim! The green looks great with the black. I also love the fact that it's high-waisted. I think the hat, stockings, and boots give the look a very 'hipster chic' feel. Would you rock this outfit? What color would you want to wear?

5 Menswear-Inspired

Menswear-InspiredI love it when girls rock menswear-inspired outfits. I mean, we always rock it better than the guys. I really like the tailored button up and blazer in this look. The hat is also such a nice touch. The denim cut-offs dresses down the outfit giving it more of a casual vibe. This outfit would be perfect for hitting up a lunch date with your friends!

6 Leather

LeatherMy go-to for denim is always leather. I think this is a look that'll make you appear effortlessly cool. Rock a plain white tee (or even swap it for a fun graphic one) with your denim shorts. Then, throw your leather jacket over it. For shoes, black Vans or Converse would look really cool.

7 Crop Top

Crop TopI'm totally obsessed with this look. I think it's perfect for any upcoming concerts you have going on this summer. The knee-high socks are such a cute touch to the outfit. It's such a hot trend at the moment! To recreate the look, wear a crop top (I'm loving this long sleeved one) with your dark denim high-waisted shorts. Don't forget your black knee-high socks with some boots!

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many cool outfits with denim shorts that you can recreate. I hope these looks have given you some style inspiration. How do you love to style your denim shorts? Let's share outfit ideas/tips in the comments section!

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