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Here's Why Trendsetters Look to Milan Street Style ...

By Neecey

Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world. But the style doesn't just come to town in Fashion Week. The city's sense of style is permanent. This collection of photos will show you why the heat's on the street in Milan.

1 An Effortlessly Casual Ensemble

clothing,footwear,jogging,tights,abdomen,Source: They Are Wearing: Milan Fashion

2 Working a Black Onesie to Perfection

clothing,footwear,dress,fashion,spring,Source: Thursday Afternoon

3 How to Make Vinyl Shine

color,white,red,clothing,yellow,Source: Sorry, French Women: Italians Are

4 Clean, Simple Lines 'til You See the Clutch

red,clothing,dress,footwear,fashion,Source: Sorry, French Women: Italians Are

5 Success in Color Block Stripes

clothing,fashion,runway,spring,season,Source: The Sartorialist

6 Graphic T-shirt and Printed Skirt - Love This Look!

black,clothing,dress,footwear,pattern,Source: Graphic Tees And Prints Mixed

7 Now That's How to Rock an Oversize Tee

clothing,lady,beauty,costume,fashion,Source: The Latest Street Style Photos

8 Leather and Lace Are Always Friends

clothing,denim,footwear,leather,jacket,Source: Milan Fashion Week: Street Style

9 Crisp and Cool Blues

color,blue,clothing,green,snapshot,Source: The Best of Milan Street

10 Elegance with an Edge

clothing,footwear,pattern,dress,fashion,Source: The Absolute Best Style From

11 Summer Date Night? Gingham Dress with Black Platform Sandals and a Matching Bag

clothing,road,dress,snapshot,footwear,Source: Summer Street Style

12 Midi Skirt with a Bold Print and Pumps for a Fun Look

clothing,dress,spring,fashion,season,Source: Why You NEED A Midi

13 A Clever Mix of Polka Dot and Geometric Print

clothing,road,blue,street,snapshot,Source: Street Style, Milan: 13 photos

14 LBD for Summer

clothing,footwear,dress,fashion,spring,Source: Office Outfits For A Heat

15 Sheer Loveliness

red,dress,clothing,pink,gown,Source: Sorry, French Women: Italians Are

16 Made Special with Shoes and Bag

clothing,black,dress,lady,road,Source: Ciao Bellas! Milan Street Style

17 Make a Statement in Print

color,clothing,runway,fashion,spring,Source: The best street style from

18 Chilling out in a Relaxed Fit

clothing,fashion,Source: MFW Street Style Day 2

19 Keep an Eye on This Look

Kenzo Eye,white,clothing,sleeve,fashion,Source: They Are Wearing: Milan Fashion

20 How to Style a Black Midi for the Summer

clothing,black,dress,sleeve,spring,Source: MFW Street Style Day 2

21 Crop Top and High Waist - Fab!

clothing,denim,footwear,jeans,outerwear,Source: Street Style: Milan Fashion Week

22 When Sheer is Sexy Not Showy

red,clothing,pink,fashion,dress,Source: Style Crush: Candela Novembre

23 A Svelte Silhouette


24 Cutesy but Neat Too

clothing,pattern,kilt,design,footwear,Source: Street Style: Milan Fashion Week

25 Badass!

clothing,footwear,fashion,spring,model,Source: Follow Stockholm Streetstyle

26 You Can't Ignore a Skirt like This

clothing,fashion,spring,pattern,dress,Source: All the Best Street Style

27 Modest Doesn’t Mean Frumpy

clothing,blue,pattern,footwear,fashion,Source: Tip of the Day: How

28 Very Sexy, Very Cool

clothing,dress,footwear,spring,fashion,Source: The Style Has Spoken

29 Fresh and Cool, Ideal for the Office

clothing,blue,yellow,dress,pattern,Source: MFW Street Style Day 4

30 What You Call Dressed up Sweats

clothing,road,street,footwear,fashion,Source: Molto Bella! 60 Street Style

31 A Bit of Fringe Goes a Long Way


32 Maxi Glam for the Daytime

color,clothing,dress,vehicle,spring,Source: Ciao Bellas! Milan Street Style

33 And Another Taking It to the Max

color,clothing,pattern,dress,spring,Source: Ciao Bellas! Milan Street Style

34 White Tee, Bright Skirt and Necklace - so Simple, so Fresh


35 Now That's What I Call a Spring-summer Look!

clothing,yellow,fashion,outerwear,058TPI,Source: Viviana Volpicella | Jetset People

36 The Shoes Maketh the Outfit

clothing,road,street,footwear,fashion,Source: Ciao Bellas! Milan Street Style

37 Bellissima

red,scooter,vehicle,fashion,0797,Source: Street Style: Milan Fashion Week

38 Even Untucked Can Be Elegant

clothing,road,footwear,street,fashion,Source: On the Street……Piazza Oberdan, Milan

39 Ciao Bellas

clothing,beauty,fashion,spring,supermodel,Source: Ciao Bellas! Milan Street Style

40 A Surprise under the Coat

yellow,clothing,footwear,fashion,spring,Source: Street Style | Street Style

41 A Colorful Tableau

color,clothing,people,road,dress,Source: Milan Fashion Week Street Style

42 A Brilliant Mix of Prints

clothing,pattern,fashion,design,spring,Source: Stylekick App

43 So Continental

white,clothing,black,footwear,fashion,Source: Bold, Beautiful Style From The

44 Sometimes 2 Shades of Grey is Enough

clothing,pattern,polka dot,design,spring,Source: Ciao Bellas! Milan Street Style

45 Boho with Class

clothing,road,footwear,fashion,street,Source: Sorry, French Women: Italians Are

46 It's All in the Accessories

color,white,clothing,blue,red,Source: Ciao Bellas! Milan Street Style

47 Easy to Wear, Easy on the Eye

color,clothing,footwear,fashion,spring,Source: Street Style: Milan Fashion Week

48 A Bold Choice

color,clothing,red,dress,yellow,Source: Follow Blog da Thássia

49 Preppy Meets Street

black,clothing,footwear,fashion,dress,Source: Ciao Bellas! Milan Street Style

50 Do You Love Pink?

color,pink,clothing,dress,spring,Source: Sorry, French Women: Italians Are

51 How Can a Tied Button down Look so Good?

color,clothing,blue,road,footwear,Source: Ciao Bellas! Milan Street Style

52 Clean, Fresh and Crisp


53 This is How to Glam up Bermudas

clothing,road,footwear,street,denim,Source: Sorry, French Women: Italians Are

54 Overalls, the Sexy Tomboy Way

road,clothing,blue,denim,street,Source: Sorry, French Women: Italians Are

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