9 Cute Skirt and Sweater Street Style Combinations ...

The skirt and sweater combination is a popular outfit option for fall and winter. From grunge-inspired looks to polished outfits, there are many variations on the combination. You can easily make this combo work to suit your own personal style. We’ve spotted plenty of cute skirt and sweater combos on the streets and street style snaps are a great way to find inspiration for your own outfits. Take a look at these following cute skirt and sweater combinations.

1. Casual Cable Knit

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Ella was photographed by Wayne Tippetts wearing this cute skirt and sweater combo. The sea green cable knit sweater works well with the light denim skirt. The collar peeking out at the top and pom pom beanie add cute touches to the outfit. Tan boots and a bag complete this casual everyday look.

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