The Latest NYC Street Styles to Look Chic AF ...


The Latest NYC Street Styles to Look Chic AF ...
The Latest NYC Street Styles to Look Chic AF ...

There is so many great things about the latest NYC street style. Calling all NYC lovers! I was in New York City this past weekend on a citywide Blair Waldorf manhunt, and while I was there, these were the most popular street styles I saw and that I’d recommend for any girl who daydreams of the Big Apple. Here are the latest NYC street style choices for you.

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Dresses with Sneakers

footwear, shoulder, beauty, shoe, girl, It’s no secret that New York is a big place, which naturally means more walking! In the hustle and bustle of the big city one of the biggest trends I saw over the past few days were women who paired their dresses with sneakers. Not only was it a more practical way to get around, but it gave the outfit an unexpected twist that really made them stand out. This is just one of the latest NYC street style looks that you're going to love.



white, pink, beauty, shoulder, outerwear, If you love to spend your days in the gym, this section isn’t for you! I love a comfy pair of leggings and a slick pair of Nikes just as much as the next girl, but with work and school, sometimes a gym visit doesn’t always work out, no pun intended. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look the part. Track suits, Vans, and baseball caps are a great way to stay casual and on trend without actually having to do much.


Pattern on Pattern

clothing, fashion model, fashion, tartan, socialite, One of the funkiest things about New York City is the street art, and what’s art without style? It may be fall, but colors and patterns are in full spring. Burst of color and designs were are all the rage, whether it be stripes on top of polka dots or color block on top of color block, the fashion scene up north is in no shortage of adventure and spunk.

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