7 Street Style Ways to Channel Serena Van Der Woodsen This Fall ...


There are so many awesome street style ways to channel Gossip Girl's Serena Van Der Woodsen this fall. While the show was still on, Serena was definitely my fashion inspiration. She always looked so well put-together and effortlessly cool and chic. Granted, Serena's wardrobe was probably worth way more than ours! Still, there are many easy ways that you can channel the fashionista that is Serena Van Der Woodsen this fall:

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Colored Mini Dress

Colored Mini Dress Remember that iconic Gossip Girl scene where Blair and Serena took the cutest BFF photos in front of a NYC fountain? Well, you NEED those mini dresses in your life! It's the perfect Serena-esque item to have in your closet because it's perfect for any occasion. You can dress it up with heels or tone it down by adding a blazer and some flats for a coffee run. This is just one of the many cool street style ways to channel Serena Van Der Woodsen!


Flared Pants

Flared Pants I seriously wish that I could pull off flared pants but as much as I love the trend, it just doesn't love me. It did, however, love Serena! Remember when she was walking around Paris in those gorgeous high-waisted pink flared pants? You can recreate the look with a pair of flared trousers and pair it with a tank top/graphic tee.



Hats Whether she was rocking a fedora, floppy hat or beanie, Serena knew that hats made for the perfect accessory. It makes sense that Serena made hats her signature hair piece because Blair had already taken headbands! Anyways, there are multiple ways that you can transition your summer hats into your fall wardrobe. Add it to a casual tank + jeans outfit for tone down a girly dress with one.


Serena Van Der Woodsen is known for her impeccable fashion sense, and one of her signature accessories is hats. From fedoras to beanies, Serena knows how to rock a hat with any outfit. As the season transitions from summer to fall, you can easily incorporate your summer hats into your fall wardrobe. Pair a hat with a casual tank and jeans for a laid-back yet stylish look. You can also use a hat to tone down a girly dress and add an edgy touch. Don't be afraid to experiment with different types of hats to elevate your fall street style, just like Serena.



Monochrome Serena was always into the latest fashion trends and this fall, it's all about monochrome. Pairing black and white pieces together is always a good idea because it always gives you a timeless and chic look. If the monochrome trend is too "dull" for you, spice it up by adding some print on your shoes and/or handbag!


Statement Coat

Statement Coat Serena always made sure to have one statement piece in her outfit. You can accomplish this with a cool statement jacket like this plaid one from nastygal.com! It'll definitely look over a fall-ready outfit.


Layers on Layers

Layers on Layers Let's be real, the best part about fall fashion is being able to wear layers! It's awesome because you get too look super stylish and feel so incredibly cozy. I love pairing my cardigans and jackets together because it adds texture to my outfit and keeps me feeling warm in the breezy weather!


Mix and Match

Mix and Match You don't become a fashion icon if you're scared of experimenting with different colors and prints. Serena was always pushing the limits by pairing bold and bright colors together. Somehow, they always worked. Try it out and create your own unique style!

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many cool street style ways to channel Gossip Girl's Serena Van Der Woodsen this fall. Even though the show has been over for nearly two years, Serena will continue to influence future fashionistas because her looks were always so timeless. What's your favorite Serena look? How do you like to channel her style?

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