7 Street Style Outfits That Are Perfect for School ...

There are so many fantastic street style outfits for school! If I had a bit more time in the mornings, I'd probably be more of a fashionista than I really am. Instead, I 'snooze' my alarm clock too many times (can you blame me, though?) and end up wearing sweatpants everywhere - LOL! This list will hopefully inspire you with new outfit ideas and you can set up your outfit the night before. That way, even if you hit snooze on that wakeup call, you'll still be able to look good! Here's some of the cool street style outfits for school:

1. Casual

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I'm the type of person that likes to keep things easy and casual. So, my go-to outfit for class is some classic skinny jeans, a basic tank top, a cardigan, and some fun printed flats. Of course, there are many ways this look can be achieved! For the jeans, you can opt for distressed ones, boyfriend ones, cropped ones, whichever you desire! For cardigans, I love the ones from forever21.com. Who said you can't be casual AND stylish at the same time?! This is just one of many street style outfits for school.

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