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13 Fabulous Streetstyle Inspired Ways to Wear over the Knee Socks This Fall ...

By Amber

Fall is my favorite season, because you can add layers, and have different combinations of clothing, which in my book, this year includes unique and fashionable ways to wear over the knee socks. They’re so versatile. They add dimension to your outfit and can be worn in so many different ways. Be it girly, casual, or rocker, it’s definitely a good way to spice up your wardrobe in a simple way. Here are some of my favorite looks that get me inspired to know different ways to wear over the knee socks.

1 Retro Cool

Retro CoolI just love the way Chictopia, a fashion website, chooses to showcase the way girls show off their unique ways to wear over the knee socks. The fashionista Amanda, snapped here channels a vintage feel with her outfit. She pairs her billowy deep purple dress with 60's style sunnies & hat, with black knee-length socks. The socks definitely help give her outfit a cool edge.

2 Schoolgirl Edge

Schoolgirl EdgeThis black ensemble, paired with grey socks gives off a schoolgirl look, with a twist of sophistication. I love that Fashionising snapped this photo of the outfit because everything seems to be so cohesive. The pleating in the skirt is aptly offset by the added seduction of sassy red lips, and kitschy purse.

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3 Classic Feminine Chic

Classic Feminine ChicThis adorable ensemble from is perfect for cooler weather in the fall. It shows off her feminine, classic style with pleating and a white peter pan collar on her dress. It totally captures the style of London, where she is from. I especially like the socks with the comfy black and white shoes.

4 Color Me Leather

Color Me LeatherThis lovely lady over at looks great in leather, which she alternates in color. It really gives dimension when the wine-colored skirt is paired with a grey and black jacket along with black over the knee socks. She keeps it simple and by adding color against the stark black. It is the key in making this outfit a winner.

5 Girly Touch

Girly TouchTaken from, this beauty rocks her over the knee socks with a girly flare. I love the bows and cut out detail at the top of the socks. It's those kind of embellishments that make an outfit stand out, especially, because she has on all black; it adds accent along with her gold accessories.

6 Cute Addition to Boots

Cute Addition to BootsThis fall look snapped on is really awesome for the season. I love boots ( they're my favorite kind of shoe) , and I love that she paired her high sandy boots with a refreshing pop of color. It looks clean and crisp with the white, and the yellow definitely adds personality!

7 Heeled Booties

Heeled BootiesFull-lengthed boots aren't the only shoes that go well with high-knee socks! Even short boots with high heels can look super chic with over the knee socks!

8 Over Tights

Over TightsThe idea this beautiful lady who has a blog called, It's my Catharsis, had of layering her over the socks with tights is such a great thing! It's great for colder days when baring skin might not be a good idea. I love that the colors all complement each other too.

9 Just a Peak

Just a PeakYour high knee socks don't have to be the obvious point of your entire outfit. You can just have them there as a comfortable little peek-a-boo accessory. Check out the style on .

10 Baby Doll

Baby DollGirl it up with some pastel colors and cutesy over the knee socks. This look works best with white socks and a sweet skirt. Try a style like the one on

11 Classic Pair

Classic PairThigh-high socks and plaid skirts are that classic combo everyone loves! But it can be a little school girlish. To make it more mature and edgy, pair it with a hot leather jacket or statement heels!

12 Sweater Dress

Sweater DressTake cozy to the max with a combo of a sweater dress and over the knee socks! It can look lazy or chic, depending on how you work it and what accessories you pair it with!

13 Sheer Socks

Sheer SocksNow this isn't a style you see every day! But I definitely love it! These sheer socks are delicate and edgy at the same time. Plus, they are perfect for basically anywhere and go with anything!

There are so many ways to wear over the knee socks so they fit perfectly into your wardrobe. They can complement almost any outfit and allow for layering too. I hope these have given you some inspiration to switch up your style and incorporate over the knee socks into your wardrobe this fall. How would you wear them? Which look is your favorite?

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