7 Things Tommy Ton Taught Us about Street Style ...


7 Things Tommy Ton Taught Us about Street Style ...
7 Things Tommy Ton Taught Us about Street Style ...

Tommy Ton has taught us so much about street style through his blog, Jak and Jill, that his name has become synonymous with fashion. He photographs in a way that makes us want to look like everyday people, not just celebrities, but just the people that you see walking along the street, looking a little different, and so completely themselves. Tommy Ton has made us re-think style, and elevated the status of street style right up there with what’s actually going on at fashion weeks. Here are 7 things Tommy Ton taught us about street style.

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A Smile is Your Best Accessory

It doesn’t matter what the people are wearing, because in any shot Tommy Ton does, the first thing I ever notice is the smile. You notice the clothes second. Even with the most gorgeous models, or someone with the most exquisite dress or cleanest tux, the smile is the first thing you notice about a person. So next time you’re on the street looking super cool, just make sure to smile - people will think you’re that much cooler!


It’s in the Details

Not just the accessories, but any kind of detail, even within your accessories! It could be something as small as a small colour change in your jewelry, an extra gem on your sunglasses, or feathers on you heels. Tommy Ton has a knack for finding the coolest details in an outfit and capturing it, thusly making that specific addition an instant street style favourite. For instance, he once captured a model with something that looked like a mini cuff bracelet in her hair, covering the elastic used to tie up her pony tail. Now it’s seen everywhere!


Bold Silhouettes Are Key

One of the most striking things Tommy Ton captures are bold silhouettes. The girls can be streamlined, or donning a huge oversized sweatshirt, while he men have sleek and boxy silhouettes. The key to enviable street style is putting yourself together in a way that will make people do a double take. Rihanna is a master of this. She’ll put on a pair of skinnies then find an oversized letter jacket and call it a day, and we can all agree – Riri looks fabulous 24/7!


Less is More

The French are masters at this. Tommy Ton catches the masters at their best. They can somehow step out during fashion week looking so effortless in nothing but jeans, heels and a nice loose dress shirt, and they’ll be the street style icons seen around the world. If there’s too much going on, a person may get lost in everything. You have to remember; don’t let the clothes wear you; you have to own what you’re wearing!


Prints and Colours do Go Together

I don’t know if it’s because Tommy Ton gets to photograph all these gorgeous people in exotic places like Rome and Paris, but somehow, everyone he photographs can put on a zebra print top and bright neon shorts and look like a million bucks. Sure it’s helpful to have long legs and chiseled arms (yes, men wear leopard prints with paisley ties), but they make it work because they’re fearless, and they have the confidence. The key here too, is to keep it simple. If you’re going to step out in this combination, make sure to keep everything else on you grounded with solid colours.


Sunglasses Are Your Friend

Every celebrity will tell you sunnies are a key component to street style, and Tommy Ton loves to capture this. We’ve seen everything from simple classic Ray Bans, to Kanye sunnies, outrageous Lady Gaga like circle sunnies, and then the fun ones with crazy heart shapes. Regardless of what speaks to you, a good pair of sunglasses can pull your entire outfit together, and make you look like a million bucks even when you’re in a rush!


Be Yourself

It’s cheesy and corny yes, but it’s a cliché for a reason! The only common thread within all that Tommy Ton captures is that each person is unique and true to their own individual style. What you wear is an artistic expression; so if you feel like going out in rolled up jeans and sneakers on with your favourite dress shirt, then go for it! What makes street style so fun to look at and draw inspiration from is because you see how different everyone is, and how they just make it work. So if there’s one thing to take away from Tommy Ton, it’s to wear whatever you want! Just make sure it’s right for the situation – no crop tops to work!

It would be a dream to be photographed by Tommy Ton one day, but until then, a girl can dream and just look at all his fabulous images! Street style perhaps my favourite way to get inspiration. The shots are so natural, you get to see how people move in clothes, and the ideas that come from that are boundless. So what have you learned from Tommy Ton and his street style shots?

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