9 Street Style Ways to Wear Pink Coats for Fall ...

Get on top of one of the biggest trends this season by taking a look at different ways to wear pink coats. Thanks to designers like Jil Sander and Simone Rocha, the pink coat is a must have item of clothing for fall. The pink coat is fun, flirty, and feminine. The rosy hue is also a welcome change from your usual fall colours of browns and burnt oranges. Be inspired by these ways to wear pink coats, as seen on the streets.

1. Contemporary Pink Coat

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When it comes to ways to wear pink coats, make like Camille here and keep it contemporary. We spotted this stylish snap on the Topshop Tumblr. Camille wears a pink wool coat over a grey sweater and quilted mini skit. A slim clutch, chunky sandals, and oversized sunglasses complete this chic statement look.

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