Style Inspo Cool Ways to Lace up Your Converse ...


Style Inspo Cool Ways to Lace up Your Converse ...
Style Inspo Cool Ways to Lace up Your Converse ...

Converses are a great addition to any outfit! They add some edginess to your look while earning you some serious style points. If you're tired of just wearing them the classic way, spice it up with these cool ways to lace them up!

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Straight across

Straight across Instead of the classic crisscross pattern, try having the laces move straight across from the top of the shoe, from one hole to its partner on the other side (with no diagonal lacing). All you have to do is push each lace end downward through its respective hole closest to the toe, pulling each end so there’s a straight line of lace across the first pair of eyelets. The end of the right lace goes up through the next closest hole on the same side, then straight across and down through its partner eyelet. The opposite lace end skips this already-laced hole, moving up through the next one available on the same side, and across and down through its partner eyelet. Continue the process until the entire shoe is laced in this way. It's a lot easier than it sounds, I promise!


This method creates a clean, unique look that's particularly striking on high-top sneakers where the absence of diagonal lines draws attention to the shoe's height and structure. Your Converse will stand out in a sea of traditionally laced kicks, giving them a minimalist yet fashionable edge. Great for making a subtle statement with your footwear—especially if you play with contrasting lace colors. Remember, the key to a flawless finish is to ensure each lace segment remains perfectly straight and parallel with all the others. Experiment with this technique to personalize your shoes to match your stylish individuality.


Standard Double up

Standard Double up Why rock one color when you can rock two? Use these two colors to show off your favorite school or team colors, or whatever you think coordinates with your outfit. A standard double lacing begins by lacing the shoe first with one color, but skipping an entire row of holes each time. The second shoelace (the second color) starts the process all over again in the holes left behind.



Checkerboard This pattern also uses two laces in the same shoe! Lace one color using the straight-across method, keeping the lace untwisted along the way. Starting near the toe with the second lace, weave it under one row of the first lace and over the next, all the way up until it loops around the lace bar near the opening of the shoe, then weave back down opposite the first pattern.


Color Bars

Color Bars This one's actually my favorite way to lace up Converse. It's a combination of the straight-across method and two lace colors. Start by pulling the portion with the longest color up through the eyelet nearest the toe then across and down through its partner eyelet. Continue the straight-across lacing method, and every other row will be a different color.

Which pattern is your favorite?

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God, I did the checker board at least 15 years ago

I do number one with all of my pairs

i think Chucks should be laced normally.

the checker board one is just goofy looking

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