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There are so many fun ways to wear a crop top! You can keep it sexy or keep it casual, all depending on your outfit. With the winter-to-spring weather transition we've been having, it's the perfect time to try out these outfits! I personally think that, if worn right, crop tops can make any outfit look and feel runway-ready. Check out these awesome ways to wear a crop top and let me know which one your favorite look is!

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Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt Crop tops and midi skirts are such a cute combo. The midi skirt keeps you from looking/feeling like you're overexposed! I love this look because you can mix and match colors/patterns with your top and bottom. A fun patterned top looks fantastic with a bold solid colored skirt! This is just one of the fun ways to wear a crop top!


Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans If you don't want to feel "too" sexy with a crop top, add some boyfriend jeans to the mix. It gives the outfit a more "laid-back" vibe, and can be used to dress up, or dress down an outfit. Pair them with your favorite logo crop top and some simple pumps for a ready-to-go look!


High Waisted Shorts

High Waisted Shorts Summertime is all about the high-waisted shorts! I love this look because anyone can pull it off. Like this photo, you can mix and match patterns, colors, etc. The high waist of the shorts keeps you from looking overexposed and compliments your bod! It's a fun look to rock to a concert or a picnic this summer!



Overalls I love that overalls have been making a comeback! They really simple but there are SO many ways that you can turn them into being street-chic. I love the whole crop top + denim overall dress + braided hair look. It's very "flower child" and I'm loving that vibe! Would you rock this look?


High Waisted Pants

High Waisted Pants High waisted pants look great with crop tops. It gives you a sleek and sophisticated look, but there's still a hint of sexy in there! Depending how you pair them, they're perfect for hitting the town, or hitting up an event. Mixing and matching different colors/patterns with the top and bottom is a fun way to try out different styles!


Matching Bottoms

Matching Bottoms I'm usually not a big fan of matching top and bottom ensembles, but I love this so much! If you keep with Celeb news, you might've noticed that SO many celebs have been rocking this whole matching top-and-bottom look on the red carpet! It definitely gives you a polished and put-together look while the exposed midriff gives the outfit a bit of an edge. There are so many awesome patterns out there to choose from!


Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt I love pencil skirts because they seem to just hug you in all the right spots. By pairing a fun printed skirt with a neutral colored crop top, you've got a great look! You'll feel super sexy in this outfit!

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many awesome ways to wear a crop top! Go stock up at your favorite retailers so you can rock this trend this upcoming Spring/Summer! Which look is your favorite? How do you love to rock your crop tops?

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Great suggestions!!!

I've always wanted to wear these combos!!

love the color and design.

I know right!!!

Dey r sooo pretty



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