7 Inspirational Street Style Ideas for Spring ...

By Jennifer

7 Inspirational Street Style Ideas for Spring ...

I’ve been scouring my favorite websites and apps, collecting all sort of ideas to develop my own inspirational street style for spring. There’s so much going on in the fashion world right now, it’s hard to narrow down the looks and trends I want to include! But I’ve finally nailed my own flair for the season, so I thought I’d share my own (hopefully) inspirational street style for spring. Let’s get started, shall we?

1 Go Pastel!

Everywhere I look, pastels are in the spotlight. They’re flattering on every girl, which is why they’ve landed the top spot in my closet and in my inspirational street style for spring. I’ve ditched last spring’s neon trend and embraced cool mints, sweet pinks, and hushed yellows, and you should too!

2 Romantic Florals Are in

Spring is the perfect time to fall in love… with romantic floral prints! Add a little feminine charm with a sweet vintage-style retro print, like the one in this top. Pair with cropped cream-colored jeans and your most comfortable huaraches for date-night or day-of-shopping-with-the girls.

3 It’s Okay to Combine Prints

I’ve always been nervous about combining prints, but this season, I’ve vowed to give it a go. Why not? So many of the prints are small and done in pastels, so it’s easy to mix mellow stripes and delicate florals. For instance, I’d pair this striped frock with a floral-print or color-blocked cardi. How would you wear it?

4 Yellow and Grey

I’m loving the yellow and grey color combination this spring! It’s fun to color block them, or to wear them in a print, like a bold chevron. My fave office look right now is a pair of light grey high-waisted trousers, a crisp white blouse (tucked in) and a bright yellow statement necklace and matching heels… but this scarf would do, too!

5 It’s All about Accessories

Whether you’re ready to rock a statement necklace (like this one) or you prefer to accessorize with a daring bag, eye-catching accessories are always in! Add a spark of color to a monochrome ensemble, or use a bright bag and shoes to contrast an outfit. Either way, this spring, it's all about accessories, and I'm thrilled!

6 Have an Arm Party

I do so love an arm party! It’s fun to stack on bangles and baubles, in matching or contrasting metals, beads, and more. Buy a matched set, or mix and match the bracelets and watches you already have. Don’t get too carried away, though… you still have to be able to bend your elbows, right?

7 Be Yourself!

After all is said and done, this spring, and any season, the most important rule of thumb is to be yourself! Now more than ever, it’s totally okay – and strongly encouraged, in fact! – to follow your own fashion sense and perhaps introduce the rest of the world to your own definition of street style. Indulge in a piece that’s totally you (mine is this blouse) and wear it how you want, fashion “rules” be darned!

So, that’s how street style’s inspired me this spring… I can’t wait to flaunt my pastels, and maybe have an arm party or two! Which of these street style trends are you dying to try this spring, or has something else inspired you? Do tell!

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