8 Great Street Style Shoes ...

You’re scouring your wardrobe, putting together the perfect urban chic look, when it hits you – you don’t have any street style shoes to complete your ensemble! No worries, hon! I’ve spent an almost embarrassing number of hours hunting out the best street style shoes for almost any outfit, outing, or occasion, and I’m happy to share! Here are my picks for the most attention-getting, street style savvy shoes. Let’s get started!

1. Proudly Posh Heels

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Whether you’re rocking an entirely office-appropriate pants-suit, or you’re ready for a night on the town, these posh pumps are the ideal street style shoes to get you noticed, admired, and maybe even featured on some fellow fashionista’s street style blog! The 2 ½ inch heel adds height but is still comfortable enough to walk the 6 city blocks to your favorite dinner destination. Find these at online ModCloth or check your local shoe store to find something similar.

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