7 Sexy Street Style Ways to Rock Knee High Boots ...

There are so many fantastic ways to wear knee high boots this year. The trend has definitely spiked in popularity recently and it's easy to see why! Boots can make such a difference to any outfit. Whether you're dressing up a casual outfit or just pairing the boots with a dress, you're bound to turn heads. So, girls, you should definitely have a pair (or two or three) of them in your closet! If you're curious about the many different ways to wear knee high boots, this list will hopefully help you and give you some great fashion advice!

1. Sweater Dress

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My favorite fall trend? Oversized sweater dresses! They're comfy, cozy, and stylish. What more could you ask for? The sweater dress is perfect for the fall because they're basically designed to deal with transitional weather. Whether it's a turtleneck sweater dress or just regular knitted one, adding some knee high boots can change the whole look and feel of your outfit. This is just one of many sexy ways to wear knee high boots.

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