9 Most Fabulous Street Style Icons Who Will Inspire You ...


9 Most Fabulous Street Style Icons Who Will Inspire You ...
9 Most Fabulous Street Style Icons Who Will Inspire You ...

The street style photography phenomenon has given rise to a number of street style icons. If you follow the popular street style blogs, you’ll tend to notice the same faces being featured over and over again. Whatever their actual jobs are, these people seem to have made a name for themselves as street style icons. Take a look at the following list of popular street style fixtures.

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Taylor Tomasi Hill

Taylor Tomasi Hill Taylor Tomasi Hill’s flame red hair makes her one of the more recognisable street style icons around. Her job as artistic director for Moda Operandi, as well as previous positions at various magazine publications, means she’s well placed in the fashion world. Her style usually reflects a laid back take on trends, which makes her outfits seem so attainable to the fashion diehards wanting to recreate her looks.


Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo Anna Dello Russo doesn’t do things by halves. She knows how to stand out from the crowd, which is probably why she’s such a favourite with street style photographers. Her outfits are trend-driven, accessorised to the max, and always pushing the boundaries of fashion.


Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma Another popular player on the street style circuit is Russian freelance writer Miroslava Duma. She’s a bit of a fashion chameleon and can pull off anything from off-duty cool to super polished chic. Her outfits are constantly being documented by style bloggers and she’s a favourite for street style photographers like Scott Schumann and Garance Dore.


Miroslava's ability to transform her look effortlessly has captivated many, making her a significant influence on the fashion scene. Known for her petite frame, she masterfully mixes luxury brands with emerging designers, creating inspirational ensembles that resonate with a diverse audience. Her sartorial risk-taking and innovative pairings are often highlighted during Fashion Weeks, where her presence is almost magnetic. Vogue and Harper's Bazaar frequently feature her looks, solidifying her status as a true trendsetter. Whether she's in a tailored suit or a whimsical dress, Miroslava embodies the spirit of modern elegance.


Kate Lanphear

Kate Lanphear Kate Lanphear is constant street style bait. While other fashionistas might succumb to seasonal trends to get in front of the lens, it’s Lanphear’s signature style that makes her so popular. She’s well known for her peroxide blonde crop, monochrome outfits, and penchant for dangerous looking accessories.


Christine Centenera

Christine Centenera Christine Centenera is an Australian fashion editor and regular fixture on street style blogs. She tends to go for structured and statement-making silhouettes with a hint of sport luxe styling. She’s also known for acting as a fashion consultant to Kanye West and for styling his collections.


Julia Sarr-Jamois

Julia Sarr-Jamois Julia Sarr-Jamois is a breath of fresh air when it comes to street style looks. You’ll often see her wearing bright colours and bold prints. You’ll also notice that she tends to wear flat shoes during fashion week, which is a nice change from the death defying heels you so often see.


Hanneli Mustaparta

Hanneli Mustaparta Hanneli Mustaparta is a photographer, blogger, stylist, former model, and magazine contributor. While she’s just as comfortable behind the lens as she is in front of it, it’s her impeccable style that makes her a popular subject for street style photographers. You could probably also add ‘trend setter’ to her list of occupations.


Mustaparta's eclectic fashion sense echoes the dynamic mix of textures and colors she often captures through her lens. Norway-born and with an eye for contemporary chic, her wardrobe choices frequently land her in the pages of high-profile style magazines. Whether attending glamorous events or strutting the streets of fashion capitals, she is a bona fide fashion muse. Her blog showcases her adventures in sartorial elegance, offering inspiration and style tips to a dedicated following who aspire to her level of cool, effortless Nordic charm.


Natalie Joos

Natalie Joos Natalie Joos is a fashion consultant and casting agent, as well as being the blogger behind Tales of Endearment. She’s often seen wearing a mix of designer fashion and quirky vintage finds, and her outfits are constantly being documented by street style photographers.


Giovanna Battaglia

Giovanna Battaglia As a freelance stylist and editor of L’uomo Vogue, Giovanna Battaglia is part of the fashion in-crowd. She’s often spotted hanging out at events with another street style icon on this list, Anna Dello Russo. Her signature style usually involves mixing bright colours and patterns with chic staples.

These are just a few of the most popular fixtures on street style blogs today. Many of them work in the fashion industry so we’re bound to see them hanging around fashion shows and events. How many of these faces do you recognise?

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I like hanneli

Julia is great too with her afro

Hanne Gaby Odiele is a model with impeccable street style as well. If you are looking for edgy chic, go straight to her! She is a mine of style ideas!

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