7 Streetstyle Looks from Gossip Girl to Recreate ...

There are so many looks from Gossip Girl that are perfect to recreate. After all, no one does fashion like the GG (Gossip Girl) girls, right? Seriously, whoever styled that show was a genius. Blair, Serena, and even little J all knew what it took to take the city by storm. Check out some of these looks from Gossip Girl. It'll make you want to go shopping, like now!

1. Springtime Yellow

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Let's be real, Blair Waldorf can do no wrong. Her style is impeccable from the show's start to finish. I love this look because it's the perfect look for spring! The bright yellow and floral pattern on her shirt is adorable. To recreate this look pair a bright floral button up with a beige high-waisted skirt! Don't forget the yellow heels and headband! This is just one of the looks from Gossip Girl to recreate.

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