7 Street Style Ways to Look Preppy This Summer ...

There are so many fun and easy ways to look preppy this summer. Whenever I want to go for a preppy look, I always think, WWTSW? What would Taylor Swift Wear? It's a great system because she's the perfect example of always looking preppy chic. You'd be surprised at just how many different ways you do it! Check out some of the cool street style ways to look preppy.

1. Collared Shirts

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The easiest way to nail the "preppy" look is to rock a collared shirt. I love when it's paired underneath a crewneck sweater! However, it might be a little too hot this summer to do that. So, pair your collared shirt under a tee instead. I love the idea of wearing it underneath a graphic tee! It would definitely be a 'preppy meets rocker' type of look. This is just one of many ways to look preppy this summer.

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