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20 Times We Loved Cara Delevingne's Sassy Style ...

By Sheila

Cara Delevingne is GORGEOUS, has an awesome sense of humor (seriously, how funny is she?!), and has a casual yet edgy sense of style that we'd love to steal. So, we rounded up our favorite street style looks from Cara for a little inspiration. Enjoy!

1 Bart Simpson Crop Top

Bart Simpson Crop TopI need this in my life!

2 In an LBD

In an LBD

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3 The Layered Look

The Layered Look

4 Oversized Sweater and a Beanie

Oversized Sweater and a Beanie

5 Cutout Skirt and Heels

Cutout Skirt and Heels

6 Casual Perfection

Casual Perfection

7 Simple White and Blue

Simple White and Blue

8 Biker Jacket

Biker Jacket

9 All Black

All Black

10 Striped Pants and Lace up Boots

Striped Pants and Lace up Boots

11 Funny Tee

Funny Tee

12 Starry Dress

Starry Dress

13 Print on Print

Print on Print

14 Looking Chic

Looking Chic

15 She's so Blue

She's so Blue

16 Comfy Tee

Comfy Tee

17 Black Maxi Dress

Black Maxi Dress

18 Airport Style

Airport Style

19 Bright Yellow

Bright Yellow

20 Fun Sunglasses

Fun Sunglasses

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