17 Ideas for Wearing Leggings Once It's Cool out ...

By Eliza

17 Ideas for Wearing Leggings Once It's Cool out ...

Leggings are a great fall closet staple because there are virtually hundreds of ways to wear them. You can easily combine leggings with warm weather items to take your closet into the next season without spending a bunch of money. Need some ideas? Here are some great inspiration photos to get you started. Have fun with it!

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Add a Sweater and Boots

clothing, footwear, tights, leather, jeans, Leggings look perfect with a long sweater and a pair of boots.


Wear a Tunic

clothing, red, dress, footwear, outerwear, A great tunic looks great over a pair of leggings. Add heels for work or flats for play.


Add a Scarf

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, neck, blouse, Any outfit instantly looks great for cool weather when you add a scarf.


Go Casual

clothing, footwear, spring, jogging, fashion, A big bag and a baseball hat make this the perfect casual day outfit.


Perfect under Shorts

clothing, footwear, leg, thigh, costume, Sheer leggings are perfect under a pair of summer shorts.

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Tall Boots Are Always a Good Idea

clothing, black, cap, footwear, outerwear, Tall boots always work with a pair of leggings. A jacket and scarf complete this look.


For the Office

clothing, black, footwear, outerwear, pattern, Flats and a cute sweater make leather leggings perfect for the office.


Paired with a Basic Black Jacket

clothing, black, red, snapshot, road, Doesn't this look fabulous? The leggings and the jacket are the same color, leaving you the option of topping the whole thing with a eye catching scarf.


Top with a Flannel

clothing, red, footwear, outerwear, spring, A flannel shirt always looks good with leggings and is a great choice for cool days.


Totally Warm

clothing, footwear, fashion, leg, spring, Getting out and about in leggings is always trendy when you look like this.


Go Colorful

clothing, fashion, shopping, footwear, You can totally rock your brightly colored leggings when the weather is cold. Cute, right?


Long Sleeves and Heels

black, clothing, footwear, human positions, lady, A long sleeved shirt that's longer in the back is ideal for pairing with leggings.


Go All Black

black, clothing, footwear, leather, jacket, Leather leggings are perfect for an all black look.


Bright Shoes

white, black, footwear, clothing, fashion, Rock your fall leggings with a fab pair of brightly colored booties.


With a Denim Jacket

Nothing is better in the fall than a great jean jacket with your leggings.


Try Some Pattern

clothing, pattern, denim, outerwear, fashion, Your patterned leggings look just as good with a sweater as they do with a tank top.


For a Day out

clothing, footwear, fashion, outerwear, leather, A pair of comfy shoes and a sweatshirt make your leggings perfect for cool weather and a casual day.

Which look is your favorite? Any other ideas to share?

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You have no idea what cold means do you :( i can't wear any of these here in slovenia!!

Yeah this post is garbage.

#5 are actually tights and not leggings at all

XD most of these are skinny jeans

All d images are just amazing.. I just loved it..

Sheer leggings look like a pair of pantyhose.

It's great

Love leather pants and leather leggings

Where are those boots from in the picture?

I dont think #8 are leggings