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7 Street Style Ways to Wear a Cape Jacket This Fall ...

By Vanessa

There are so many awesome street style ways to wear a cape jacket. I've seen so many people wear this trend that I've decided it's time for me to get my own! I mean, I've been dreaming of owning a cape jacket ever since Blair Waldorf wore that beautiful green one in season three of Gossip Girl. Anyone else remember that, and covet it, too? I love that this trend is so versatile. Check out some of the cool ways to wear a cape jacket!

1 Monogrammed

MonogrammedIf you're not already aware of this fabulous trend, it's time you found out about it. Monogrammed pieces are a must-have this fall! Have you seen Burberry's latest cape jacket? It's been flying off the shelves after big celebrities like Elena Perminova, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cara Delevingne, Olivia Palermo and more were spotted wear their own custom jacket. You can make a statement with your own cape jacket from This is just one of many awesome street style ways to wear a cape jacket.

2 Fire Red

Fire RedWhenever I feel like adding a "wow" factor to my look, my go-to color is red. I mean, a fire-red color makes everything feel exciting and bold! You'd definitely turn heads, no matter where you are. I love this hooded cape from!

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3 Matching Hat

Matching HatWho said floppy hats were just for summer? It's a great transitional piece to bring into the fall season! I love dark colors so I'd go with this navy colored Elizabetta Rabbit Fur-Trimmed Cape from Have some fun with the look and add a matching hat to your ensemble. You can add some color with this color-blocked floppy hat from

4 Patterned

PatternedPatterns are a great way to earn some major style points. Since it's already such a bold fashion piece, try and keep the rest of your look simple. To recreate a similar look, try this textured cape from!

5 Color Blocking

Color BlockingColor blocking is definitely a fun and expressive trend. In case you don't really know what it means, it's simply when you wear multiple solid colors. You can use your cape jacket to contrast it with another bold color. For example, if your jacket's black, wear a white long sleeved shirt underneath. Since your arms poke out of the jacket, the colors are easily contrasted, making your color blocking a success.

6 Military Cape Coat

Military Cape CoatMilitary-inspired clothing has been popular for many years! Now, the trend has found itself on cape jackets. Personally, I love it because the jacket is embellished with cool buttons and studs, the perfect fashion statement! Go for a bold color to go with those bold embellishments. To recreate this look, try this purple military cape coat from!

7 Leather

LeatherYou can never go wrong with leather. I mean, it instantly adds an edginess that's perfect for any outfit. Don't be afraid to double on leather by wearing a leather cape jacket and matching leather pencil skirt! Just like denim on denim, leather on leather is an awesome fashion statement. To recreate this look, try this leather trimmed cape from!

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome street style ways to wear a cape jacket this fall! The trend is definitely hot this season - have you added one to your wardrobe recently?

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