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39 Fabulous French Street Style Looks ...

By Lyndsie

I've always been obsessed with French street style, and my upcoming Paris honeymoon has me even more obsessed. French women dress with a confidence, an eye, an attention to detail, and a certain insouciance that makes them stand out. Because the most fashionable women know the value of classic pieces that fit beautifully, the classic French street style is easy to imitate even if you don't have a designer or couture budget. Most of all, to me, French women prove that the size of your pants and your age don't matter. As long as you own what you wear and choose timeless pieces, you'll look amazing. How many of these looks would you own?

1 All Black

clothing,black,jeans,footwear,denim,Via - catalogfash Resources and ...

As you'll see, wearing black is a common theme in French street style, because it's flattering, it's slimming, it goes with everything, and it's classic. Some tailored trousers, a simple but beautiful top, and some killer shoes are all you need.

2 A Flawless Frock

clothing,beauty,fashion,spring,model,Via My Style

Look at how light and airy that dress is! It's flirty and feminine but still perfectly stylish – and dare I say ladylike?

3 Layered up


Even the street style culture in Paris appreciates the fine art of layering. As long as you choose well tailored pieces, you'll still look perfectly put together. I'm particularly in love with the jacket and the tights.

4 Denim Abroad

clothing,road,footwear,street,fashion,Via Best Paris Street Style- French ...

I would never have expected a shirt like this to work so well. I think it has quite a lot to do with the pants.

5 Stripe-tastic


You'll see lots of stripes in French street style as well. Here an oversized top mixes perfectly with tight leggings.

6 The Best Ensemble Ever


That might be personal opinion, but that skirt is the world and her shoulders in that top are like accessories all their own. Also, never be afraid to wear a stylish hat in France – especially in Paris.

7 A Cupful of Color

christmas,Via On the Street….The Artist Lunch, ...

This entire snap is fabulously French, but it proves that there's a place for color in French street style as well. Also, all hail that hat. (And those mismatched socks!)

8 Universal Street Style

clothing,footwear,jeans,fashion,spring,Via Fashion Trends - Shopping Guides ...

Yes, even in France, a classic jeans-and-tee combo will take you far. Mind the combat boots, too!

9 White and Black

clothing,footwear,fashion,spring,outerwear,Via Vanessa Jackman: Paris Fashion Week ...

Clearly, black and white together are just as popular as all black ensembles. These components are all simple, but together they pack a sartorial punch.

10 Sleek and Chic

Place de la Concorde,black,clothing,footwear,dress,Via my french country home

In addition to being all black, this look incorporates another French fashion must-have: the pencil skirt. I love that this one is a little longer, and the sheer panels in that top are marvelous.

11 All Black with a Twist

clothing,black,dress,footwear,fashion,Via Chic and Silk: STREET STYLE: ...

All black ensembles work with all sorts of outfits. Long skirts and flats will serve you well, and you can even channel your inner badass with a leather (or leather-look) jacket!

12 Shoulders Back

human positions,sitting,clothing,beauty,fashion,Via

French fashionistas know that there's no reason to show a lot of skin. A pair of shoulders is often the best accessory, so think shoulder baring tops and flowing skirts.

13 Casual Cool

clothing,lady,footwear,leg,fashion,Via Nail Parisian Street Style With ...

It's not all black, nor do you have to dress in something epic. This is a lovely casual look, from top to toe. The teacup is optional, of course.

14 Too Tulle

clothing,dress,black,woman,gown,Via Street Chic: Paris Couture Week

Oh, this tulle skirt! See, there are lots of ways to create an all black ensemble; your look will never be boring. Here, beautifully, stunningly, flawlessly, she adds neutral touches with those wonderful shoes and her bag. I love this woman.

15 Top It off

white,black,clothing,blue,road,Via Street Style Fashion - Spring ...

Yes. This is all about the hat as well. The whole look is perfection, but the hat!

16 Fun with Florals

Via Street Chic: Paris Couture Week

From the shoes to that bright blue floral print, this is flawless. Notice her hair, too – sleek, sophisticated, but so easy to recreate.

17 Back to Black

black,clothing,footwear,dress,street,Via :: look~book ::

See the recurring theme? Sinfully fitted pants, an absolutely fabulous top, and the perfect pair of flats.

18 The Cutest Curtsy

clothing,fur,fashion,footwear,outerwear,Via french on Tumblr

The skirt, the sweater, the tights – perfect, perfect, perfect. And that pop of red from her bag!

19 Sweet Simplicity

clothing,fashion,spring,footwear,gentleman,Via exPress-o: French Girl Crush

Here's a lovely daytime look for spring or summer. This outfit is fresh, sweet, and perfectly put together, while still being comfortable.

20 Flawless Elegance

clothing,gown,dress,spring,fashion,Via Ma Chérie: Street Style From ...

Even on the street you sometimes come across more formal outfits. Look at the details – the way the blazer is part of the ensemble, not just an addition to it, and the wrap of the belt.

21 Vintage Appeal

clothing,fashion,pattern,dress,outerwear,Via Street Style At Paris Fashion ...

There's something 1950s perfect about this look, and I love everything about it. That skirt is everything in the world, and the bag is the perfect pop of color.

22 Demure but Dynamic

clothing,red,dress,footwear,snapshot,Via La Petite Anglaise in Paris... ...

I love everything about this look. Her rich orange top is perfectly complemented by her too-cute shoes, and her pose says everything.

23 Wrap It up

black,clothing,road,street,footwear,Via If I were a model...

Scarves make excellent accessories as well. Turn them into true statement pieces, whether you choose to do it through the pattern, the color, or the wrap itself.

24 Monochrome Madness

black,clothing,blue,dress,footwear,Via 8 Secrets To Dressing Like ...

The skirt, the pose, the pout – all fabulously French! The shoes just do me in, though – I adore oxfords!

25 Black Black Black

black,white,clothing,black and white,dress,Via

I couldn't resist this, because a., the hat; 2., the flattering fit; c., the boots; and 4., she's a redhead (sorry, sorry, Heather, really, I'm sorry!). But seriously, this whole ensemble is just fierce. It's ridiculous.

26 Sport Luxe

clothing,footwear,fashion,dress,leg,Via Rosebud : French Street Style

This is a stunning take on sports luxe – and with a sweater, at that!

27 Full Skirt Fabulous

clothing,footwear,outerwear,fashion,spring,Via 8 French Women Tell Their ...

I'm nearly dying! This is the most sophisticated take on a schoolgirl kind of classic I have ever seen. The fullness of her skirt is adorable, the belt is a marvelous detail, the sweater is gorgeous, the loafers keep it relaxed, and that bag, I'm in love!

28 Superwoman

clothing,footwear,fashion,spring,outerwear,Via Ma Chérie: Street Style From ...

The caped coat is a French fashion staple. This lovely woman takes a classic piece and gives it some edge with the color.

29 Mad for Plaid

clothing,road,street,footwear,pattern,Via Ma Chérie: Street Style From ...

If only for the moment, plaid is big in Paris. With a look like this, you almost want it to be fall all the time.

30 A Formal Affair

clothing,dress,fashion,spring,pattern,Via Paris Fashion Week Street Style ...

You may never have a reason to wear a dress like this on the street, but don't you kind of want to? I adore the skirt, but those precious pink shoes make the outfit.

31 Dress Coats

clothing,footwear,spring,fashion,season,Via Ma Chérie: Street Style From ...

I adore dress coats like these, especially with skirts and dresses of the same length. This outfit also proves that the accessories are everything!

32 Simple but Popping

white,clothing,red,human positions,footwear,Via 8 Secrets To Dressing Like ...

As you'll also see, many street style outfits spotted in France have a simple base – here, some cuffed jeans, a plain white tee, and some classic loafers – offset by a statement piece. Layered scarves and capes work perfectly.

33 Black and White

clothing,footwear,leather,denim,jacket,Via Street Style Spring 2013: Paris ...

Here's a different take on a classic black and white ensemble. The mix of casual and edgy is fantastic. Those shoes!

34 Tailored to Perfection

clothing,footwear,coat,outerwear,fashion,Via Paris Fashion Week Street Style ...

Look at the fit of that jacket! Neutral shades never looked so good.

35 Checkmate

fashion,spring,pattern,gentleman,fashion show,Via Street Chic: Paris Couture Week ...

You should never fear prints on the streets of France. I am particularly in love with her shoes. Even if you can't handle that many checks, look at the cut, the fit, the tailoring – that's what you need to mimic.

36 Street Style on a Bike

vehicle,34S,sure,Via A Portrait Of Feminine Dress, ...

The dark, elegant dress (adore those full sleeves!), the lovely, fresh hairdo, the basket – I want to live in this photo.

37 Capris Please

white,clothing,sleeve,footwear,fashion,Via The Paris Street Style Stars ...

If you've ever been under the impression that cropped trousers can never look good, I present Exhibit A to the contrary. I love the white on white layering here too.

38 Stripes and Shorts

clothing,footwear,fashion,spring,dress,Via Last Call: The Best 4th ...

This is the way to wear short shorts! It comes off so sophisticated, thanks to the striped top and the crisp button down beneath it. The nude shoes add the perfect touch, and oh, those pointed toes!

39 Nicely Neon

clothing,fashion,costume,footwear,spring,Via Memorize This Face

And you really, really can go just as bold and bright as you please. Even with a short neon skirt, this look is chic, on-point, and beautifully tasteful. Just don't forget the sunglasses – sometimes they help make the look!

I adore French fashion, and I hope to steal a few snaps – and ideas! – of my own on the streets of Paris. What's your favorite type of street style?

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