7 Street Style Inspired Ways to Wear a Suit ...

There are plenty of different ways to wear a suit, if a quick look through street style images is anything to go by. All over the world, style savvy girls are embracing this masculine trend. From printed suit sets to breezy shorts suits, the suit is definitely having a trending moment right now. Check out these street style snaps for ideas on different ways to wear a suit.

1. Basic Black Suit

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One of the simplest ways to wear a suit is to stick to basics. And you can’t get any more basic than a classic black suit. Ilona Hamer was photographed by Candice Lake in Sydney wearing a classic black suit with a slouchy white t-shirt and strappy heels. While she’s wearing head to toe designer, you can easily replicate this look on a budget. The key to making a suit look a million bucks is to make sure that you get one that fits just right.

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