26 Bits of Winter Street Style Inspiration from Chilly Russia ...


If the women in Russia can be stylish in winter, there's no reason we can't be here in the balmy-by-comparison climates. Maybe all we need is a little winter streetstyle inspiration from our Russian sisters, нет? Let's have a peek at what we ought to be wearing this winter, so we can stay warm, and glam, all season long.

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Fur Midi Skirt

Fur Midi Skirt Via From the collection: Classic Ladies ...
I don't think I've seen a fur midi skirt before, but I like it!


Sure, it certainly breaks from the norm and adds a plush twist to the usual skirt options for winter wear. So unique and comfy, it's the perfect way to stay cozy and fashionable when the temperatures dip. Just think about the endless pairing possibilities - from a sleek turtleneck sweater to a crisp button-down; this skirt can work with practically anything. And let’s not forget about shoes - ankle boots or even knee-highs would complement this piece spectacularly. Definitely a must-try for those who love to make a style statement!


Fuzzy Hat

Fuzzy Hat Via Fashion Estate 02-22-2014 Part Two
I love the winter-white outfit topped with the big furry hat!


Chilly, but Chic!

Chilly, but Chic! Via Street Style: From Russia with ...
Tall boots, knee-length skirt, cropped fur coat. Perfect!


This outfit is the perfect combination of chic and warmth for the cold winter weather in Russia. The tall boots, knee-length skirt, and cropped fur coat provide a stylish look while also keeping the wearer warm. This street style look was photographed in Moscow, the capital of Russia, and is sure to inspire others to create their own winter wardrobe. The fur coat is the standout piece of the outfit, adding texture and a luxurious feel. This outfit is perfect for anyone looking to stay warm while still looking fashionable.


Crop Top?

Crop Top? Via Street Style: From Russia with ...
I love how this looks, though I'm not sure how warm cropped pants and a crop top would be.



Casual Via Street Style: From Russia with ...
She's nailed casual and chic, hasn't she?



Brown Via Street Style: From Russia with ...
That long brown coat and matching scarf look great together!


Stellar Coat!

Stellar Coat! Via Le 21ème - This is ...
Now that, my dear, is a coat! I love it! I want it!


Grey + Yellow

Grey + Yellow Via Street Style: From Russia with ...
Most of my winter clothes are grey or black, but now I'll wear them with a pop of yellow, too.



Military-Inspired Via Street Style: From Russia with ...
The cuffed jeans look so on-trend with the military-inspired coat.



Pink! Via Fashion editors, stylists & co
I love this pink coat and head-scarf!


Casual with Converse

Casual with Converse Via streetstylers.se
Converse are always in, any season, any reason.


Fur + Peach

Fur + Peach Via Street Style: From Russia with ...
The beige and peach is so flattering, even in winter!


Leopard Print

Leopard Print Via Street Style: From Russia with ...
... or any animal print, really.



Layers Via Street Style: From Russia with ...
The key to dressing for winter, with style? Layers.


Purple Fur?!

Purple Fur?! Via Street Style: From Russia with ...
She looks absolutely gorgeous - that color makes her skin glow! It doesn't have to be purple - pick your own "best color" and wear that!


Pop of Color

Pop of Color Via Street Style: From Russia with ...
Her outfit is monochrome, but she's added a pop of color with her handbag.



Camo Via Street Style Star: Chic Winter ...
Slouchy boots and an oversized camo coat - love it!


Fur and Oxfords

Fur and Oxfords Via 15 Street-Style Snaps From Moscow
On paper, this doesn't make sense, but it looks great together!



Overalls Via Miroslava Duma - a Russian ...
I've never seen bib overalls look so stylish!


Harem Pants

Harem Pants Via Street Style: From Russia with ...
Harem pants, trainers, and a long coat - casual but so chic!


Print Dress

Print Dress Via Street Style: From Russia with ...
That's such a darling dress, layered with a denim coat.


Brown + Black

Brown + Black Via LE CATCH: January 2013
Black in the middle, with a brown hat and booties.


Bundle up!

Bundle up! Via LA COOL & CHIC
I love the combination of big fuzzy scarf and updo with glasses.



Gorgeous Via Street Style: From Russia with ...
She looks so chic, and it's all in the accessories.


Hat on Top

Hat on Top Via Street Style
Menswear, with a hat on top. I love it!


All Black

All Black Via 15 Street-Style Snaps From Moscow
Last, of course, there's all black. And some fur. Yes!

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at least half of these have fur which i am against being vegetarian...the rest are not good except for a few

Love the shoes in the first picture

Thankyou just tried it. Bless you

Love the coat in no 7

This is the best fashion post I have seen. Love it. Sharon- tap on the picture it will pop the picture up for you to see the whole thing. :)

Love fur in general..real and don't tell me it's against animals..animals created for humans

Can't see all the pictures with the accessories clearly enouhj


Love it all except for the crop top

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