7 Boho Chic Looks You'll Have Fun Recreating This Summer ...

There are so many fantastic boho chic looks that are perfect for the summertime. Whenever I'm thinking of a bohemian outfit, I think WWVHD? - What Would Vanessa Hudgens Do? She's the queen of keeping it boho chic! So whether you're rocking a floppy hat, flared pants, or some floral prints, there are so many ways you can boho-fy your outfit. Check out some of these boho chic looks and then let me know which looks you plan on rocking this summer.

1. Bandeaus + Prints

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If wearing a bandeau leaves you feeling too exposed, you can cover up with a sheer top! That way, you can still bare some skin but you won't feel like you're showing too much of it. To recreate this look, pair some printed harem pants (try Free People) with a bandeau and a sheer top. Keep your hair down and flowy to complete the look! This is just one of many boho chic looks to recreate this summer.

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