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5 Pieces to Snag from Your BF's Closet for a Cool Look ...

By Vanessa

Menswear-inspired looks are definitely in right now! Anything a guy can wear, girl's can look look better in it - am I right, ladies?! So, before you go invade your bestie's closet for new items, take a peek in your boyfriend's! There are so many ways to add a feminine twist to these looks:

1 "They Lovin' the Crew..."

"They Lovin' the Crew..."(Sorry not sorry for that Drake reference) Anyways, I practically live in crew necks in the fall! Your guy's crewneck will have an oversized fit on you which will keep you cozy all day long. Make sure to add some feminine touches like boyfriend jeans, ankle boots, and some cool jewelry!

2 Getting Chic in Chambray

Getting Chic in ChambrayTuck in his chambray shirt into your own skinny jeans for a cool denim-on-denim look. Or, you can spice things up by tucking the shirt into something sexy like a leather skirt! Throw on some flats or combat boots and you're set!


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3 Joggers for Comfort

Joggers for ComfortDon't feel like wearing leggings or jeans? Joggers are for you. They're flattering on every body type and, personally, I think they're a lot cuter than baggy sweatpants. Pair it with a cable knit sweater for a casual look!

4 Snapbacks

SnapbacksWho said snapbacks are reserved for guys? I've seen SO many girls rock this look and look incredible while doing it. Snag your bf's favorite snapback and show him how much better it looks on you, haha!

5 Cozy up in Flannel

Cozy up in FlannelFlannels are a must-have for your fall wardrobe. They look good on both guys and girls, so don't be shy about borrowing all his pairs! If it has an oversized fit on you, add something fitted on the bottom.

What other pieces do you love to borrow from your BF's closet? What kind of feminine touches do you add to it?

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