7 Taylor Swift Outfits That'll Inspire Your Street Style ...

There are so many amazing Taylor Swift outfits that can totally inspire your street style. She's definitely been on her A game when it comes to fashion! I love how she always manages to look casual, yet totally chic. I mean, she looks runway-ready no matter where she's going! Take a look at some of my favorite Taylor Swift outfits and let me know which outfit inspires you the most.

1. Chambray Top

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Chambray tops can easily be dressed up! I would pair it with some black skinny jeans and some black pumps. If you want to add some color, do it with your purse or through a fun accessory! It's a great outfit to run errands in or meet up with your girlfriends.This is just one of many Taylor Swift outfits that'll inspire your street style!

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