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7 Streetstyle Ways to Wear a Winter Hat ...

By Holly

You can't step out of your house and into the cold without covering your ears. That's why you need to buy the perfect hat. Don't worry, because they can actually look fashionable. According to Fashion Magazine, here are a few ways to wear a winter hat:

1 Grey Beanie

Grey BeanieYou can never go wrong with an artsy beanie.

2 Poof on Top

Poof on TopIf you wear a hat with plenty of designs on it, then you'll look fashionable without having to do any extra work.

3 Bear Ears

Bear EarsYou can't hibernate, but you can get fashion inspiration from an animal who does!

4 White Beanie

White BeanieTry wearing a hat that matches the snow!

5 Mismatched

MismatchedYou don't have to wear a hat that matches the color of your outfit, you know.

6 With Glasses

With GlassesWhy stop at one accessory? Wear glasses with your hat!

7 Plain Black

Plain BlackBlack matches every outfit, so you can't go wrong when buying a hat like this.

Do you have any adorable winter hats at home?

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