7 Celebrities with the Best Street Style ...

By Lindsey

7 Celebrities with the Best Street Style ...

Trying to choose a select number of celebrities with the best street style is like trying to choose only a few things in a candy store — extremely difficult! However, I definitely have my top list of best-dressed celebrities who I often find myself researching online for outfit inspiration. It’s one thing for a celebrity to look glamorous on the red carpet, what with being styled by some of the top stylists in the biz. But if a celebrity can strut their stuff on a day-to-day basis looking absolutely fabulous, I’d say that’s something to envy! Check out my pick of 7 celebrities with the best street style.

1 Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker SJP has to be placed first on this list of celebrities with the best street style. She’s has had three (absolutely adorable) children and still looks like a rock star every time she steps out. Her look is edgy, unique, and classy all at the same time. How does she do it?

2 Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr I can’t get enough of miss Miranda Kerr’s style. She often pairs blazers with tailored pants and heels, but also throws in some leather shorts or a super sexy form-fitting dress like it’s nothing. For a Victoria’s Secret model, she never looks too risqué, and is instead always super classy and fabulous.

3 Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson Following her days of the OC when she was clad in many Hollister-Abercrombie-something-or-others, Rachel emerged on the scene with some of the best style in Hollywood. Rachel often graces the pages of magazines wearing the cutest indie-inspired threads.

4 Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton This one’s pretty self-explanatory. The Duchess of Cambridge could look flawless in a paper bag, but her super-chic and dignified style is something to be envious of. I mean, the girl can cause whatever she’s worn to sell out from the stores faster than anything else, so that’s saying something.

5 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Jessica can look relaxed and comfortable, all while being über-trendy and stylish. One of her signature looks is boyfriend jeans and a similar boyfriend-style sweater. If only we could all throw on a comfy outfit and still look like a movie star.

6 Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard Judge me all you want for pulling someone from the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, but Emily Maynard has incredible style. If you follow her personal blog (like I of course do), you’ll see that everyone always asks her what she’s wearing and where she got it whenever she posts a picture of herself. Her style is girly and edgy in the most effortless way.

7 Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo I’m still confused what this girl is famous for. Wasn’t she on one of those The Hills spin-offs or something? In any event, her style is still absolutely phenomenal, so as long as I can still copy her looks off of magazines, I don’t care how or why she’s a celebrity. Olivia always looks like she’s headed to fashion week in really cute prints and textures. She’s big on fur, so when re-creating, I’m all about doing it faux.

Celebrity street style is so fun to follow and lust after. It’s also fun to try and put together a similar outfit on your not-so-celebrity budget and still look super trendy. Do you have any favorite celebrity’s street style? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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I also dont know what olivia's famous for but i adore her style. Been following these women's styles ever since.

@Kalo25, totally agree

Taylor Momsen wins best street style hands down...for me at least

This list is dead on! I love how all these women's style are classy. Thank you for not putting women like Rihanna who only style gets attention bc she's a celebrity. This list shows how stylish you can be without being slutty. Thank you!

Olivia Palermo and Kate Middleton are my top picks!

This list sucks!


Meh most of these women dress similarly and nothin exciting although I agree with Jessica alba and sjp but where's Riri??? And Nicole Richie

they look good



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