7 Celebrities with the Best Street Style ...

Trying to choose a select number of celebrities with the best street style is like trying to choose only a few things in a candy store — extremely difficult! However, I definitely have my top list of best-dressed celebrities who I often find myself researching online for outfit inspiration. It’s one thing for a celebrity to look glamorous on the red carpet, what with being styled by some of the top stylists in the biz. But if a celebrity can strut their stuff on a day-to-day basis looking absolutely fabulous, I’d say that’s something to envy! Check out my pick of 7 celebrities with the best street style.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker

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SJP has to be placed first on this list of celebrities with the best street style. She’s has had three (absolutely adorable) children and still looks like a rock star every time she steps out. Her look is edgy, unique, and classy all at the same time. How does she do it?

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