The Collard Shirt Fashion Guide You Need in Your Life ...


The Collard Shirt Fashion Guide You Need in Your Life ...
The Collard Shirt Fashion Guide You Need in Your Life ...

There are so many fantastic ways to wear a collared shirt that they could literally be part of your everyday wardrobe. I think they add an instant "cool and sophisticated" vibe to any outfit. The cool thing about collared shirts is that you can layer it under other shirts while still keeping your outfit light and airy. Check out some of the cool ways to wear a collared shirt and then let me know which looks your favorites are!

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With Leather

With Leather You can never go wrong with leather, right? I think it'll always be a big fashion trend. Go traditional with a black + white outfit and rock a white collared shirt with some leather leggings or shorts. This is just one of the ways to wear a collared shirt!


Keep It Neutral

Keep It Neutral As much as I love a good pop of color, I love neutral-colored outfits. To recreate this look, get a white collared shirt and layer it under a neutral-colored (like beige) blouse. Then, wear it with a white high-waisted skirt. The colors are very subtle and will keep you looking cute during spring!


Preppy Chic

Preppy Chic If you're going for a Taylor Swift-esque vibe, the preppy chic way is the way to go. Collared shirts just scream out preppy. Am I right, ladies?! Try a basic white polo and pair it with a pretty pastel color - I'm loving pink! By adding white shoes and a white clutch, it gives the outfit an instant girly feel. It's perfect for running errands, grabbing lunch with your gal pals, or just taking a stroll in warm spring weather.


Fun Patterns

Fun Patterns As much as I love solid-colored button ups, I adore the ones with funky prints on them. I think it's a bold way to make a fashion statement at any time. Since it is such a statement piece, keep everything else really basic. Try a denim skater skirt, it's very stylish. Also, try and keep the accessories to a minimum.


With High-waisted Jeans

With High-waisted Jeans I'm obsessed with the whole high-waisted look. Whether it be high-waisted shorts, skirts, or jeans, it's a fabulous look to rock. If you're going to wear some high-waisted jeans, pair it with a collared button-up shirt. Try out a fun print as It's very hipster-chic.


With a Crew Neck Sweater

With a Crew Neck Sweater Crew neck sweaters have become a must-have in my closet. They're stylish without having the bulge of a hoodie. A cool way to rock a collared shirt is to wear one underneath your crew neck sweater! I like the idea of going all black - black skinnies and black collared shirt. Then, pick a fun color/graphic sweater to wear on top. It'll contrast really nicely and give you some major style points.



Chambray I'm a huge fan of chambray shirts. I think they are breezy, stylish, and look great with everything. I'll usually mine with black skinnies and combat boots; it's become my go-to outfit! However, I think it's awesome when people pair chambray shirts with jeans. The whole denim-on-denim look is actually a huge trend at the moment. The cut-off shoulders chambrays usually have a really fun print on the collar!

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many cool ways to wear a collared shirt. How do you like to style your collared shirts? Let's share outfit ideas/tips in the comments section! Which look will you be recreating?

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this advice is clearly for anyone who is firstly slim..fairly flat chested and tall..

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