9 Fashion Trends That Wouldn't Exist without Street Style Blogs ...

Street style blogs are an interesting platform for documenting trends. Once a trend pops up on a street style blog, it tends to go viral. The thing with trends that appear on street style blogs is that they seem much more relatable than those on the runways. They make us think “hey, I could totally pull that off” despite the fact we’re not fashion editors with access to the latest designer gear or off-duty models who always seem to have a certain level of ‘cool’ about them. Take a look at these fashion trends that probably wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for street style blogs.

1. Shoulder Robing

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One thing we often see on street style blogs is people wearing their jackets draped over their shoulders, instead of putting their arms in the sleeves. The reason? Fashion, probably. Unless you’re standing directly outside a fashion show, this doesn’t seem to be a look that you would regularly see on the streets. Probably because for most people it just seems the slightest bit impractical.

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