7 Street Style Outfits from Katie Cassidy That Are Totally Fab ...

There are so many gorgeous street style outfits from Katie Cassidy that'll make you wish you could take a trip to her closet! I'm such a huge fan of her and her sense of style. She always looks great - no matter if it's at a formal event or just running errands. Did you know that she even has her own fashion blog? It's called "Tomboy KC" and it's pretty awesome. Check out some of my favorite street style outfits from Katie Cassidy.

1. Boyfriend Jeans

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Katie definitely knows how to rock the boyfriend jeans. I love how she dressed them up by wearing pointy-toed heels and a plaid sweater over a collared shirt. Somehow, she makes the boyfriend jeans look very polished. This outfit would be perfect for running errands around the city or meeting up with your friends for a night out. This is just one of the outfits from Katie Cassidy that look fabulous.

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