Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to a Fall One ...


As the seasons change, your wardrobe should too. It's easy to transition from summer looks to fall ones with these simple fashion tips!

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Swap Your Scandals for Combat Boots

Swap Your Scandals for Combat Boots Combat boots are comfy and cute. They go with almost anything and leave you feeling like you're ready to tackle the day.


Swap Your Headbands for Floppy Hats

Swap Your Headbands for Floppy Hats A floppy hat is a great way to accessorize your fall outfit without looking like you're trying too hard. You can coordinate the color with your outfit or a make a fashion statement with a fun and bold color!


Swap Your Crop Tops for Cardigans

Swap Your Crop Tops for Cardigans Cardigans are an easy way to stay cozy in the breezy weather. You can choose ones from Forever 21 because they're cute AND affordable!


Swap Your Lip Gloss for Dark Lips

Swap Your Lip Gloss for Dark Lips Summer is all about glossy lips but now it's time to switch things up. For the fall, rock some dark lips! Red lips are always classic but my personal favorite is a dark edgy color like burgundy.


Add Knee High Socks

Add Knee High Socks Knee high socks keep you warm and earn you some major style points. My favorites are the colorful ones from Nordstrom.

What's your favorite thing about fall fashion?

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thats the kinda dog we have lol.

Swapping scandals? That sounds like a lot of fun!

Swap your scandals lolz ...

Jackets! All weights,fitted,loose,bright colours and blacks. Jackets pop over any outfit and change your look as well as keep you warm.

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