7 Street Style Mod Outfits to Recreate ...

There are so many awesome street style mod outfits that you can have fun recreating. The mod era was such a fun time for fashion! Although I didn't live through it, I love seeing people channel the era with their stylish outfits. I think it shows how fashion will always come full circle! Check out some of these cool street style mod outfits and then let me know which ones you'd love to recreate.

1. Statement Jacket

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What's more mod than a statement checkered jacket? You'll definitely look runway ready! Find a jacket with bright colors and make it the signature piece in your wardrobe. Since the jacket's already going to be grabbing everyone's attention, keep the rest of the outfit simple. Accessorize only with some oversized shades! This is just one of many cool street style mod outfits that you can recreate!

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