7 Cool Street Style Looks from Demi Lovato to Recreate ...

There are so many fantastic street style looks from Demi Lovato that are perfect to recreate! The girl is a serious fashionista. I love how she's never afraid to take any fashion risks. She's always switching up her style (and hair color) but I love every look she's had. Since she is constantly switching things up, these seven looks from Demi Lovato are some of my favorite from the past few years. Let me know which looks are your favorites!

1. Hipster Chic

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I love this look! It screams hipster chic. Demi's always rocking round sunglasses, and I'm obsessed with them. You can find similar ones at shop.nordstrom.com. I'm also loving the oversized sweater and hat! She always looks super casual yet extremely stylish. This is just one of the awesome looks from Demi Lovato!

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