7 Street Style Outfits for Your Next Summer Concert ...


There are so many fantastic outfits for a summer concert.

Whether you'll be outside at a music festival or indoors at an intimate venue, you always have to look your best.

After all, you never know if you might run into the band before/after the show!

Check out some of the cool outfits for a summer concert and then let me know which looks your favorites are.

1. Bandeau + High-waisted Shorts

Bandeau + High-waisted Shorts

Bandeaus have become a huge trend this summer.

You can pair them with some high-waisted shorts!

I love the lace bandeaus (try American Eagle) because they add a cute and girly touch to the outfit.

Of course, if you think bandeaus leave you too exposed, you can wear yours underneath a sheer top or muscle tank!

This is just one of many outfits for a summer concert.

2. Band Tee

Band Tee

What better way to show your love for music than with a band t-shirt?

It's a cool, casual outfit that'll make you look totally stylish at the concert.

If the band you're going to see has their own merchandise, you can even wear that!

You never know, the band might see you in the crowd and shout you out for wearing their stuff!

Which band tees do you own?

3. Crop Top + Midi

Crop Top + Midi

I think pairing a crop top and a midi skirt is the perfect balance between sexy and modest.

The crop top allows you to bare some skin while the midi skirt keeps you covered up!

I think it's a really boho-chic look and would be perfect for any upcoming music festivals.

Recently, I've fallen in love with tie-dye cropped tops and you can find some at Eeropostale.2

To complete the whole boho look, put your hair in a braid!

4. Kimono Cardigan

Kimono Cardigan

If you're rocking a crop top but don't want to look/feel 'too' exposed, throw a kimono cardigan over it.

You can choose between tons of cute ones over at Forever 21.

I'd go with a floral pattern just because I'm floral-obsessed and think it's perfect for the summer.

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