7 Ways Streetstyle Women Rock Pencil Skirts and You Can Too ...

Have you noticed how everywhere is covered in pencil skirts right now? From fashion magazines to celebrities and well-dressed women on the street, it seems a longer skirt is definitely in vogue right now! If you get it right, it’s a great look too. You can wear pencil skirts to work, for cocktails, out at the weekend – pretty much anywhere. Here’s how to capture that gorgeous pencil skirt look we’re all lusting after.

1. The Inspiration…

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Blake Lively has been pretty quiet recently, but she got her name back in all the fashion columns after pulling off this outfit at the Turbo film premiere in New York. It’s a sophisticated, glamorous look with a slightly sexy edge – and that’s so Blake. I love the embellished skirt and lightweight vest combo, and her tousled hair and minimal make-up give this a really low-key feel. If you want to rock pencil skirts this summer, this is how to do it.

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