7 Street Style Ways to Rock the Kimono Style Cardigan ...

There are so many amazing street style ways to rock the kimono style cardigan. It's such a huge trend lately and I'm a big fan of it. I think it adds an instant youthful vibe to any outfit while still earning you some major style points. A kimono style cardigan is a must-have item for your closet this spring/summer, ladies! How do you like to rock them?

1. All-black Ensemble

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Just because it's getting hot outside doesn't mean you need to stash away all your all-black ensembles. They're still really stylish and will ALWAYS be a good idea! If you're planning on rocking an all-black ensemble, wear a fun printed kimono style cardigan to add a pop of color. That way, you'll be embracing the whole spring/summer style, while still looking fab in black. Win/win, right?

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