7 Street Style Ways to Look Patriotic This Summer ...


There are so many cool ways to look patriotic this summer. The Fourth of July is finally here and these are all outfits that you can easily recreate. It's really amazing how many different ways the American flag design can be incorporated into your outfit. Whether it be on your jacket, shoes, or pants, the American flag design will never go out of style. Check out some of the cool street style ways to look patriotic this summer and then let me know which looks are your favorites!

1. Blouse + Skirt

Blouse + Skirt

If you don't want to wear the actual American flag design, there are ways you can still look patriotic and be subtle about it. The American flag features stripes and stars, so that's all you need. Wear a star-patterned blouse (you can find some at Nordstrom) and pair it with a striped maxi skirt. You can find a red/white striped skirt at Forever 21. This is just one of many cool ways to look patriotic this summer. P.S. you can totally switch up the stripes and stars!

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