7 Types of Sunglasses That Are Perfect for Any Streetstyle Look ...

There are so many different types of sunglasses that you just need to add to your collection! With summer coming up, these shades will keep your eyes protected from the blazing sun while keeping you totally fashionable! Win, right? There are some designer names on this list, but I tried to focus more on the STYLE of them! That way, you can go out and pick a pair from whatever designer you like best! Check out the types of sunglasses you should totally invest in!

1. Ray-Ban 'flash Lenses' Aviators

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These shades are SO cool! They brighten up any outfit and the lenses come in multiple colors! Kudos, Ray-Ban, for another awesome product! You can browse the different styles on their site (ray-ban.com). Personally, I love the "Gunmetal" color! I'm definitely planning on getting a pair! This is just one of the awesome types of sunglasses.

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