Twist in Time: Photos of High School Fashion in 1969 ...

Fashion is constantly changing but it's always fun to see how the fashion of years ago has inspired the fashion of today! Check out some pretty groovy photos of what high school fashion looked like back in 1969! You can see more from Arthur Schatz's photo collection on

1. Mod Mania

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Look at all those accessories!

2. Jumpsuits

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Those sleeves are something else.

3. Overalls

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Doesn't this look like something someone would wear to Coachella today?

4. Teachers

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Even the teachers were fashionistas!

5. Dress over Pants

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Could this trend be making a comeback? Earlier this year, Emma Watson wore a Dior dress over black pants!

6. Fringes & Vests

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Fringes have definitely made a comeback!

7. Velour

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Work those velour bellbottoms, girl!

8. Crop Tops

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Today, this outfit would be a serious school dress code violation, LOL!

What do you think of the 1969 high school fashion?

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