7 Streetstyle Ways to Wear Stripes and Look Fab ...

There are tons of awesome ways to wear stripes! It's always been a fashion "do" because it's a pattern that just doesn't get old. I love rocking stripes because it's a fun way to add something extra to your outfit! It's fun, flirty, yet totally sophisticated. I know, how can a pattern be so many things? Check out these ways to wear stripes and let me know which look you'll be trying out next!

1. With Leather

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You can never go wrong with leather, right? Stripes paired with leather gives you this black and white "classic" look. It's perfect for running errands around the city, hitting the mall, or just hanging out with a couple of friends. The cool thing about this outfit is that you can wear it with converse- for a cool and casual look, or, rock some pumps and take the outfit to the next level. This is just one of the cool ways to wear stripes!

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