7 Streetstyle Ways to Wear Converse and Rock It ...

There are so many awesome ways to wear converse sneakers! With spring/summer coming up, wardrobes are changing! With these styling ideas, converse will become your go-to item. They look good with just about everything and that's why the converse "trend" will never go away! Check out some ways to wear converse and let me know which look you'll be rocking next!

1. With Leather

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Personally, I think leather gives a "bad-ass" feel to any outfit. That's why I love when it's paired with converse! It's the perfect balance between rock-chic and casual. This look is great for summer and running errands around the city! For this look, you can rock denim shorts, a grey tee, and then pair it with your leather jacket and black converse. The studs on the jacket are an awesome touch! The oversized bag and sun glasses add to the outfit too! This is just one of the awesome ways to wear converse.

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