Style 101: Here's Your Fall Shopping Checklist! ...


Shopping for your 2014 fall wardrobe is about to get a whole lot easier.

There are certain pieces you just NEED to have and this checklist will help you make sure you have everything!

Check out some of the must-haves for your 2014 fall wardrobe.

1. Oxford Shirt

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A good oxford shirt is essential to every fall wardrobe.

There are endless outfit possibilities that you can create with this one item!

You can pair it with some leather leggings, a black skater skirt, skinny jeans, etc.

It's a timeless look that will 'class' up any of your outfits.

Try Tommy Hilfiger for your oxford shirt needs!

This is just one of many items you need for your 2014 fall wardrobe.

2. Flannel


Flannels just scream out fall.

It's perfect for the traditional pumpkin picking dates and a cool addition to any outfit.2

Whether you're actually wearing the flannel or have it tied around your waist, it should definitely be a part of your fall wardrobe.

You can head to Forever 21 for all your flannel needs.

Everything's super cute and very affordable!

3. Oversized Sweater


Honestly, does anything a beat an oversized sweater?

It gives you the two things every girl strives for: comfort and style.2

You get the best of both worlds!

Try to find the oversized sweater that's best for you!

4. Turtleneck


Who said turtlenecks aren't fashionable anymore?

They're perfect for the fall!

You can find some cute ones at American Apparel and they come in every color!2

5. Midi Skirt


Midi skirts are the perfect balance between cutesy and conventional.

They're great for the fall because of the breezy weather!

Try Modcloth for your midi skirt needs and don't forget to pair it with a patterned top!

6. Shift Dress


Shift dresses are great because they're flattering for any body type.

Add a fun accessory like a chunky necklace or a belt to make the dress stand out!

Try Nordstrom for some cool patterned dresses.

Wide Leg Trousers
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