9 Wonderful Street Style Ways to Wear Sequins ...

Finding ways to wear sequins during the day can be tricky, but rest assured it can be done! While sequins might seem more at home on a night club dance floor, you can make your sequin clothes do double duty during the day as well. The key to making sequins work during the day is to pare them down with basics and to stick to relaxed and flattering cuts. Take a look at these ways to wear sequins, as seen on the streets.

1. Sequin Crop Top

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One of the best ways to wear sequins during the day is to keep the rest of your look fairly simple. This outfit snapped by street style photographer Lee Oliveira on the streets of Sydney is a great example of a breezy, summertime outfit. The sequin crop top teamed with a high waisted maxi skirt and strappy sandals makes for a relaxed look and the woven bag completes the beachy, summery feel of the outfit.

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